Just A Gent – Driftless Spirits (Original Mix) [Free Download]

On October 27, 2013 by ocedm

Just A Gent - Driftless Spirits (Original Mix) [Free Download]

I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later. Or maybe you could mullet over right now? I’m not sure what the logo has to do with Just A Gent, but it’s his profile picture and I thought I’d try to be funny (key word “try”). Anyways, Just A Gent is Jacob Grant, a 16 year old producer from Newcastle, Australia. His new song called “Driftless Spirits” is an uplifting progressive house tune that took my breath away. Starting it off with a operatic piano intro, it then kicks it up a notch into an enjoyable upbeat and airy melody. For such as young producer to make a moving and dramatic song like this is truly quite amazing.

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