03. 08. 2014

MORTEN – Perfect Dive (Original Mix)

MORTEN is a progressive house producer haling from the land of the Lego, otherwise known as Denmark. His newest release is on Ultra Records and is called “Perfect Dive”. Morten Breum, who currently...

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03. 07. 2014

Mercer & DJ Snake – Lunatic (Original Mix)

Are you ready to turn into “Lunatic”? Then sit back and hit play to Mercer and DJ Snake’s newest collaboration that is out now on Spinnin’ Records. DJ Snake’s Essential Mix for BBC...

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03. 06. 2014

Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Matthew Nagle Remix) [Download]

Thanks to my my man Sheevy, I recently found out about Matthew Nagle’s remix of “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. I usually don’t listen to the radio that often, but during the past...

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03. 05. 2014

Grant Bowtie – Reach (Original Mix)

Monstercat has a tradition of releasing fresh and unique sounds through their well recognized brand, and this track by Grant Bowtie is no different. “Reach” is the first song with the record label...

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03. 04. 2014

Taurus & Vaggeli – Get Yo (Original Mix)

A little over a week ago, I wrote about Philadelphia duo Taurus & Vaggeli’s progressive house track called “Fubar“. In the short amount of time since then, Leon Weingrad and Angelo Bratsis have already...

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03. 03. 2014

Da Tweekaz ft. MC V – Zero Fucks Given (Original Mix)

I’m not sure, but there might be “Zero Fucks Given” in Da Tweekaz and MC V’s new hardstyle track that was released this past weekend. The Norwegian duo of Kenth Kvien and Marcus...

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03. 02. 2014

jackLNDN – Drop Out (Original Mix) [Download]

If you guessed that producer jackLNDN is from London, then you win a gold star! His EP titled “Drop Out” was recently released, and the title track is what stood out to me...

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03. 01. 2014

Tchami – Thump Mix [Download]

Is there anything better to do than listen to a mix by Tchami on a rainy day? I think not. The Parisian producer recently put together a mix for Thump that’s filled with...

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