Gramatik – Corporate Demons ft. Luxas (Original Mix) [Free Download]

On May 30, 2015 by ocedm

Gramatik - Corporate Demons ft. Luxas (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Earlier this year, Gramatik let us know that an EP titled “Epigram” was in the works. We now officially have the second single from the EP called “Corporate Demons”, featuring Luxas. The first song in the EP, “Native Son” featuring Raekwon & Orlando Napier, was put out about a month ago. The amount of upbeat grooviness that Slovenians Denis Jasarevic and Lukas Stepancic squeeze into this track is quite amazing.

The upcoming EP will be released from Gramatik’s own record label, Lowtemp, which states they are “freeing music by making music free”. The tags on the Soundcloud tune include electro funk and nu disco, both of which are very applicable to this song.

Gramatik – Facebook / Twitter

Luxas – Facebook / Twitter


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