Caspa – 500 (Album) + Interview

On July 8, 2015 by ocedm

Caspa - 500 (Album)

The third artist album from noted dubstep producer Caspa has finally been released. The 14 track LP from his own record label Dub Police has been a long time in the making, but it is definitely worth it once you listen to it. Included in the album from Londoner Gary McCann are collaborations with Mayhem, Emalkay, Riko Beenie Man, Klashnekoff, and $pyda. Some favorites of mine are “Derek“, “Mad Man” featuring Riko, “Your Time Is Now“, and “Tales Of The Unexpected“.

Here’s Caspa himself answering a few questions about the album, his 500 North American Tour, and his favorite songs to use in his sets!

Caspa, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Tell us about the inspiration behind your upcoming album “500”.

I wanted to write an album that sounded like the soundtrack to a film. I listened to a lot of stuff from John Murphy – who wrote the score and soundtrack to 28 Days Later, love that shit. Aside from that I wanted this album to be a statement, although not over thought, just solid.

You wrapped up your 500 North American tour near the end of last year. What was your favorite stop?

It’s always great to go back to some of my favourite cities – Denver, LA etc, but its always exciting to play new states/cities. Places like Minneapolis, Albuquerque and Indianapolis were also great shows and took me by surprise!

Anything crazy or unexpected happen on tour?

On Thanksgiving we were getting gas at a gas station in Oklahoma when a huge 12-wheeler truck crashed into us and we almost had to cancel the Denver show as that’s where we were on our way to! Luckily we were all ok and even luckier that the gas station had a 24/7 repair garage and that’s the only thing that saved us and we could get on our way! Everything else I can’t tell ya, it’s under oath 😉

Your record label Dub Police has helped launch and guide the careers of The Others, Subscape, Variations, and many more. What made you decide to create your own label?

And so many other artists too – including Rusko, Emalkay, Trolley Snatcha – that’s why I set the label up to give unheard artists a platform to show case their style and sound. Also back when I first started I was mainly known as a DJ more than a producer so it was a way of accessing music that no one else had.

Which young producers should we keep an eye out for?

Really love the stuff that Notixx is doing, he’s from Buffalo New York, keep an eye out for him. Also Variations and a new artist called Fallen 45 (If you like the deep stuff he’s one to watch).

What does the rest of 2015 hold for you?

Making as much music as possible and finishing up a very special project which I can’t talk about right now! Other than that doing shows and as Rod Azlan would say “keep pushing the good vibes”. The key is music and great music, that’s the real focus for me.

Favorite song from “500”: 80’s Kid – that’s Caspa through and through, I wrote that tune when I was living in Denver. It was a key tune in setting the whole vibe of the album.

Best track to play at peak time: A track off of the album called Foundation Dub, always brings the right energy and vibes. It’s filthy but it’s still got nice space to it, less is more.

Unexpected remix to switch things up: A remix I did for Twenty One Pilots called ‘Car Radio’. It’s got a slightly different vibe. The layout of it is weird but it just works, the original is huge and like all my remixes I just try to compliment what the artist before me has done but with that Caspa twist. I like to finish my sets with this one. (Free download of it right here!)

Vocalist you’d most like to work with: So many vocalists! I would especially like to do something with Movado, I think the combination would be very exciting. There’s so much talent in the UK and so many people i want to work with, I think that’s a great place to start. Homegrown’s always the best 😉

Caspa – Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

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01. Intro
02. Drum Stick Lick ft. Beenie Man, Klashnekoff, and $pyda
03. Derek
04. 80’s Kid
05. Mad Man ft. Riko
06. Your Time Is Now
07. Stand Your Ground
08. Submission
09. March Of The Marionettes
10. War Drum (Don Talkin’) ft. $pyda
11. Foundation Dub
12. London to Atlanta with Mayhem
13. Tomorrow with Emalkay
14. Tales Of The Unexpected

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