Dirty South – Live from Avalon (July 4 2015 Extended Set)

On July 23, 2015 by ocedm

Dirty South - Live from Avalon (July 4 2015 Extended Set)

If you missed out on seeing Dirty South at Avalon in Hollywood this past Fourth of July, the Serbian-Australian DJ and producer has releasedn his set for free. Take a listen to over four hours of sweet tunes, along with his new single “Find A Way” which will be out August 28th on Phazing.

“Dirty South drops an extended 4 hour and 44 Minute set on the 4th of July and gives it out exclusively as a free download. Showing his versatility (and ability to throw down a set longer than the ‘modern-day’ EDM standard of 90 Minutes), Dirty South takes you on a proper journey as he drops everything from essential house classics to unreleased material including a preview of his new single “Find A Way” (out Aug 28).”

Dirty South – Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud


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