Flux Pavilion – Tesla (Album)

On September 28, 2015 by ocedm

Flux Pavilion - Tesla (Album)

Flux Pavilion’s debut album is finally here after a career spanning seven years of DJing and producing. “Tesla” was released by his own label, Circus Records, a little over a week go. We first found out about the album at the beginning of this summer when he released “International Anthem” featuring Doctor, the first single from the 13 track set. Joshua Steele has been creating bass heavy dubstep tunes for quit some time now, but in this album he mixes in some other styles that you might not expect from the London based producer.

Here’s what he has to say about making the album: “I am hugely proud to announce that my new album ‘Tesla’ is out today. I honestly couldn’t have put this together without all of the support that I’ve had over the past seven years from you guys. You kept me going and kept me writing and I feel blessed to have such a dedicated bunch of fans. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have writing it.”

Listen to the album below, and check him out on his Tesla Tour at a date near you!

Flux Pavilion – Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Purchase: Beatport / iTunes

Flux Pavilion – Tesla (Album) Tracklist:

01. Flux Pavilion – Tesla Theme (Original Mix)
02. Flux Pavilion – Vibrate (Original Mix)
03. Flux Pavilion – We Are Creators ft. Soulsonic Force (Original Mix)
04. Flux Pavilion – Never See The Light ft. Andrea Martin (Original Mix)
05. Flux Pavilion – International Anthem ft. Doctor P (Original Mix)
06. Flux Pavilion and Big Voyage – Shoot Me ft. JakkCity (Original Mix)
07. Flux Pavilion – What You Gonna Do About It (Original Mix)
08. Flux Pavilion – Pogo People (Original Mix)
09. Flux Pavilion and Matthew Koma – Emotional (Original Mix)
10. Flux Pavilion – Feels Good ft. Tom Cane (Original Mix)
11. Flux Pavilion – Who Wants To Rock ft. RiFF RAFF (Original Mix)
12. Flux Pavilion – I Got Something (Original Mix)
13. Flux Pavilion – Ironheart ft. Bully Songs (Original Mix)


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