Chris Bekker – Goldelse (Original Mix)

On April 25, 2016 by ocedm

Chris Bekker - Goldelse (Original Mix)

Chris Bekker’s “Goldelse” is really something else. The Berlin DJ and producer released the single as a lead up to his album “Berlinition” set to be released later this year. Check out the press release below for more information on the track:

“Berlin’s Victory Column, (or Goldelse/Golden Lizzy as she’s known to its natives) has a impressive history of providing musical inspiration for producers with an attachment to the city. U2 featured it heavily in their video for the “Achtung Baby”-intended “Stay” and (fact-fans!) the ‘angelic’ figurine that sits on top was also the inspiration for a certain global hit from one Paul van Dyk!

Chris initially captures her towering majestic through imposing bass, floor-conquering beats & percs and empyrean superstring sub-melodies. Come the break and he modulates a killer leadline into “Goldelse”’s system, building its pressure up, inexorably to its big, fantastically moody LFO-powered drop. Trance of the most sophisticated variety – “Goldelese” reaches stores today.”

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