Giuseppe Ottaviani – Alma (Album)

On October 17, 2016 by ocedm


Giuseppe Ottaviani’s new trance album titled “Alma” has been released from Dutch record label Black Hole Recordings. The 15 track set includes collaborations with some talented producers and vocalists, including Christian Burns, Kyler England, Tricia McTeague, Tim Hilberts, Paul van Dyk, Sue McLaren, Eric Lumiere, and Jennifer Rene. A few of my personal favorites include “Ozone”, “Miracle”, “Aurora”, and “Slow Emotion”.

Rather than a collection of high energy tunes that the Italian artist become known for, the album contains more progressive and melodic pieces that include both vocals and instrumentals. Composed of completely new studio material, you can tell certainly that it comes from Ottaviani’s soul (as Spanish speakers will know that ‘alma’ translates to ‘soul’).

Here’s what Ottaviani has to say about his third album: “ALMA is the most introspective album I’ve ever recorded. It comes from somewhere deep inside and draws on memories from my childhood – times when I was not listening to one, but many types of music. With its variety, ‘ALMA’ aims to bring the essence of a child’s spirit into my adult self – carrying the same enthusiasm and emotions as those I grew up. And so, as children are the future of this world, I dedicate this album to my own two. The title ‘ALMA’ is an amalgamation of the first two letters of ALessandro & MAtteo’s names.”

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01. Brightheart (with Christian Burns)
02. Ozone
03. Firefly (with Kyler England)
04. Loneliest Night (featuring Tricia McTeague)
05. On The Way You Go (featuring Tim Hilberts)
06. Alma
07. Primavera
08. Miracle (with Paul van Dyk featuring Sue McLaren)
09. Burn Bright (with Eric Lumiere)
10. Countdown
11. Aurora
12. Wait Till You Miss Me (featuring Sue McLaren)
13. Slow Emotion
14. Slow Emotion 2
15. Home (with Jennifer Rene)

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