Excision – Virus (Album)

On November 2, 2016 by ocedm


Excision…the man can do no wrong when it comes to jaw dropping, brain rattling, seizure inducing tracks. “Virus” is the third album from the Canadian producer, and it has no shortage of massive heart pounding dubstep or trap tunes. The featured artists on the 16 track LP include Messinian, Space Laces, Akylla, Dion Timmer, Protohype, Sam King, Madi, and Datsik.

The albums from his own Rottun Recordings are full of pummeling bass, growling synths, and pounding percussion. You might have heard a few of these songs in Jeff Abel’s “Shambhala 2016 Mix” from a few weeks ago, which has already been played over 1.4 million times on Soundcloud and 450,000 times on YouTube. The new album is full of head banging tunes and it’s definitely hard to choose favorites, but mine would have to be “Neck Brace”, “Throwin’ Elbows”,  “Africa”, and “Harambe”.

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1. Virus
2. Neck Brace (ft. Messinian)
3. Throwin’ Elbows (ft. Space Laces)
4. Rave Thing
5. Drowning (ft. Akylla)
6. Africa (ft. Dion Timmer)
7. Are You Ready (ft. Protohype)
8. Death Wish (ft. Sam King)
9. Mirror (ft. Dion Timmer)
10. Generator
11. G Shit (ft. Sam King)
12. Her (ft. Dion Timmer)
13. With You (ft. Madi)
14. Final Boss (ft. Dion Timmer)
15. The Paradox
16. Harambe (ft. Datsik & Dion Timmer)

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