Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Luca Lush Lift) [Free Download]

On May 29, 2017 by ocedm

Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon (Luca Lush Lift) [Free Download]

Luca Lush has unleashed his version of Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon” which is accordingly loaded with tons of bass. Eerie piano chords and growling synths lead the way before the second drop gets turned way up. My only complaint is that it’s too short!

A few days ago on reddit, he had this to say about the remix: “yoooo thanks for the support as always dudes! This is just a straight banger, recently upgraded to a decent computer so was just having fun re-sampling and making some cool sounds. Been frenetically touring lately, so a lot of the original material is still in the incubator / being shopped to labels, but more of that soon i promise <3″

Luca Lush – Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud


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