Pigeon Hole – Noise Parade EP [Free Download]

On August 31, 2018 by ocedm

When you listen to Pigeon Hole’s EP “Noise Parade”, it makes sense that it was released on a record label called Outer Realms. It makes even more sense that it’s the label ran by Minnesota, who has a knack for producing tunes that are way out there (see: “Curio EP“). Formed in 2011, Lee Napthine and Colin McCue have hit their stride in the past few months with two sets at Shambhala Music Festival this year and a guest mix on Insomniac’s Metronome Mix #154.

The EP consists of four bass heavy and gritty tracks: “Wolves”, “Front Row”, “Symbols”, and “Chamber”. It was “Wolves” that first caught my attention and lead me through a trip down the Canadian duo’s Soundcloud page and earned a follow from me. “Noise Parade” marks the first signing for Outer Realms, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more from Pigeon Hole on the upstart label.

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Pigeon Hole – Noise Parade EP Tracklist:

01. Pigeon Hole – Wolves (Original Mix)
02. Pigeon Hole – Front Row (Original Mix)
03. Pigeon Hole – Symbols (Original Mix)
04. Pigeon Hole – Chamber (Original Mix)

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