Sandman – Living in the Now (Original Mix)

On October 24, 2018 by ocedm

“Living in the Now” by Sandman has been released on Future Music Records. The psytrance tune uses a captivating bassline with psychedelic bleeps and bloops to takes us on a journey to another dimension. DJ and producer Isaac Levy, a veteran in the game since 1996, is considered one of the pioneers of the Israeli psychedelic trance scene with releases on labels such as TIP, Matsuri, Symbiosis, Dragonfly Records, Phonokol, Melodia, HOMmega, and Anjuna Records.

“Knowing exactly how to build up solid, adrenaline inducing tracks, the heightened sensory effects of Sandman’s new single ‘Living in the Now’ is best experienced with high-quality speakers or headphones. Fearless, rolling basslines and rich layers of fractalized, psychedelic soundscapes sweep us off our feet while bringing us into the present with a track that builds on that infinite space of possibility which exists in ‘Living in the Now’.”

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