SONDR – So Blue (Original Mix)

On October 18, 2019 by ocedm

Twenty years ago this month, Italian trio Eiffel 65 released “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” from their debut album “Europop”. Two decades later, London based duo SONDR put their unique spin on this rework of the tune from 1999. Yk Koi and Lorenzo Cosi give us a modern take on the track, using the familiar vocals with dark basslines and crisp percussion work on the release from Ultra Records.

SONDR say that “For anyone who grew up in the 90s, “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” probably brings back some great memories. It was one of our first introductions to dance music! 20 years on we thought it would be a fun challenge to re-work the song with a modern twist so we reached out to Gabry Ponte from Eiffel 65. We knew from the start we wanted to re-write a version that borrowed just the hook. It was quite a process, we worked on around 50 versions including various re-writes and vocalists. We were bouncing ideas over to Gabry but nothing seemed to stick. The idea went cold for a while until one Sunday a melody came to my head whilst watching A Place in the Sun. I grabbed my laptop and recorded the idea into the onboard microphone. It was super rough and had the TV audio in the background. I sent it to our group chat and everyone went crazy. From there, everything came together quite quickly.

We are honoured that Eiffel 65 allowed us to release our version and hope that existing fans will enjoy the nostalgia while new fans will discover one of the most infectious melodies of all time!”

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