The Glitch Mob & ZEKE BEATS – Lazer Vision (Original Mix)

On October 30, 2019 by ocedm

A few weeks ago, The Glitch Mob announced a series of collaborations with a few young, rising bass music producers in the game. Starting off with a track called “System Bleed” with LICK, the Los Angeles based trio now work with ZEKE BEATS on “Lazer Visions”, released on their label Glass Air  Records. Boreta (Justin Boreta), edIT (Ed Ma), and Ooah (Josh Mayer) incorporate their well known industrial percussion sounds in the tune, with Australian native Zeke Ugle showing us his award winning turntable skills near the end.

“Next up in our series of collaborations this year is with ZEKE BEATS. Zeke is a beast in the studio who happens to be a world champion turntablist. We all produced together at our studio in LA and then finished it off with him remotely while we were all out on tour. It was an absolute pleasure to create this with him.” – The Glitch Mob

“Working with The Glitch Mob was truly an honor. I have always regarded them as one of the biggest pioneers in the west coast bass scene and they have been heavy influencers throughout my production journey. Lazer Vision was created so organically. We banged out the main idea’s in a couple of sessions in their studio while I was visiting LA. I feel we’ve found the perfect middle ground between both our styles and it turned out so well!” – ZEKE BEATS

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