Gravitas Recordings – Virtus in Sonus V (Compilation Album)

On June 10, 2020 by ocedm

After a four year hiatus, the Gravitas Recordings compilation series “Virtus in Sonus V” is back for its fifth edition. Featuring an assorted array of artists and sounds, the set from the Austin based record label contains an impressive 19 tracks. The series “was revived to fulfill its founding mission: bring emerging artists and established Gravitas artists together in a diverse, yet cohesive musical release.”

Included in the compilation album are songs by Benza and Lailoken, Illustrated, Azuki, nok nok, Willdabeast, Lil Fish, Red Giant Project, BARDZ, B3k and Sink, Dorfex Bos and Patches., Sullust, Comisar featuring Reilly Comisar, RANSOM, DELTAnine and SAYZAR, buzz junior, FATHER BEAR, LWKY and Jake Walker, Shakti, and Drishti Beats featuring DAYZ.

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Gravitas Recordings – Virtus in Sonus V (Compilation Album) Tracklist:

01. Benza and Lailoken – Saffron (Original Mix)
02. Illustrated – Bamboo (Original Mix)
03. Aftrlyfe – Better Plan (Azuki Remix)
04. nok nok – Light It Up (Original Mix)
05. Willdabeast – Meh (Original Mix)
05. Lil Fish – Lotus (Original Mix)
07. Red Giant Project – All Gold (Original Mix)
08. BARDZ – Theogony (Original Mix)
09. B3K & Sink – I Stay Open (Original Mix)
10. Dorfex Bos & Patches. – Is It So (Original Mix)
11. Sullust – Monolith (Original Mix)
12. Comisar – Never Ever ft. Reilly Comisar (Original Mix)
13. RANSOM – Spelunker (Original Mix)
14. DELTAnine & SYAZAR – Relic (Original Mix)
15. buzz junior – Filthy As Eva (Original Mix)
16. FATHER BEAR – One Time (Original Mix)
17. LWKY and Jake Walker – Skysetter (Original Mix)
18. Shakti – Just Breathe (Original Mix)
19. Drishti Beats – Find Your Way ft. DAYZ (Original Mix)

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