Barong Family – BF200 EP + Interview with Nonsens

On September 22, 2020 by ocedm

Barong Family celebrated six years and its 200th release with a compilation EP titled “BF200”, featuring seven tracks from a handful of label veterans. Artists on the EP from Yellow Claw’s Amsterdam based imprint include Wiwek, Crisis Era, RayRay and DJ Soda, GHOSTER and NANAMI, Nonsens, and Psycho Boys Club, in addition to Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis of Yellow Claw themselves.

One of the standout tracks to me was the high octane and acid tinged “Teaze” by Nonsens. The trio of Anton Nielsen, Jens Espersen, and Rasmus Korsby are from Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea. If you listen to the tune while driving, it will take all your effort not to press the gas pedal down a little more than it should go!

Read on for an interview with Nonsens as they talk about their new song, their 2012 remix of “Jah No Partial” by Major Lazer and Flux Pavilion, and what their future looks like!

Hey Nonsens, thanks for your time today! How has 2020 been so far for you guys?

Hey guys, thanks for having us! Like everyone else in all types of arts, it’s rough during the global pandemic. However, we saw this as a time to focus our efforts and spend even more time together in the studio to work on new and exciting music.

Your new track “Teaze” was recently released on Barong Family as part of the “BF200” EP. Can you tell us how the song progressed from an idea to the finished product?

Yeah, and we’re super happy about being a part of such a big milestone for Barong Family. We feel a strong connection to the label and all the people and artists that are involved. The song actually felt really fresh to us when we made it this summer. It has these acid elements that we really love, but we felt like it needed something special or even more weird before we could release it. After we worked a little more on it we got this idea for the last drop – if you haven’t heard it yet, you should, it really slaps on a big sound system. After working on that part we immediately felt, that the song sounded like we wanted it to.

How did your first get in touch with Yellow Claw and Barong Family and make the decision to work with the label?

The decision to work with Barong Family was just a no-brainer. It’s such an iconic label, that gives the artists a lot of creative room to do what they want. We see this as a big support to our own individual creativity and as them showing a lot of trust in the people they work with. And sometimes, trust is worth more than anything in this industry.

We started working with Yellow Claw and Barong Family after we pitched our first EP for the label. We did a collab (“Give It To Me”) with Yellow Claw, that was a really big tune. After that we released our first EP later the same year. The rest is history.

A little bit of a throwback here…the first Nonsens track I heard was your remix of Major Lazer and Flux Pavilion’s “Jah No Partial” back in 2012. How have you changed the past eight years in your style and in your working relationship?

Yooo you’re one of the OG’s man! The “Jah No Partial” remix was one of our first SoundCloud releases, that was a part of the whole big trapstyle movement. The most obvious thing that has changed during these last eight years is how we work more professionally together. We have been living only from music for three years now and that demands us to be more professional and to take Nonsens extremely seriously. Our sound has also matured a lot and we now dare to venture into new areas of music with more full-fledged vocal productions etc. That really pushes our limits as a team and demands different things from us. We’ve also started producing music with other artists for their projects, which is extremely exciting and just a nice way to keep expanding our sound into many different styles and genres.

What does the future look like for Nonsens?

It looks bright! We are on a really good trajectory at the moment, we think. These last six months have given us a lot of recognition for our work in music, which obviously is a boost to morale during the pandemic. During these last six months we’ve received another national gold plaque, our first platinum plaque and our first US gold plaque for the production we did on “UCLA” by RL Grime. So we are very positive on the last months of 2020 and what’s ahead of us going into 2021!

Favorite song of 2020 so far: Tony Romera – “I Can’t“. Just such a bop!

Best track to play at peak time: For us, it’s our own song “Make It Pop” – just a pleasure to see thousands of people jump to that song after having gained so much support worldwide.

Vocalist you’d most like to work with: This is a bit of a weird choice, but gonna say Hozier at the moment. But this list is LONG! He just has an amazing voice!

Upcoming artist(s) to watch for in 2020: Gotta give our guys Foramic a shout out here. Danish duo, that keep slaying with banging tracks!

Check out the “BF200” EP and “Teaze” by Nonsens below, and give the guys a follow!

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Barong Family – BF200 EP Tracklist:

01. Yellow Claw & Wiwek – I Want It (Original Mix)
02. Crisis Era – Funky Pills (Original Mix)
03. RayRay & DJ Soda – Obsession (Original Mix)
04. Yellow Claw & Tokyo Ghetto Pussy – Kiss Your Lips (Original Mix)
05. GHOSTER ft. NANAMI – Belong (Original Mix)
06. Nonsens – Teaze (Original Mix)
07. Psycho Boys Club – Break (Original Mix)

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