DMVU – The Chain EP

On August 29, 2021 by ocedm

A little more than a month ago, the lead single in “Peach Smoothie” was released from DMVU’s EP titled “The Chain”. A few days ago, the full eight track set was put out on Wakaan, the record label from Liquid Stranger he launched in 2015. The EP consists of “Erythraeum”, “Harmonicc”, “Peach Smoothie”, “Pull”, “Bacc Up Quicc”, “Chain On My Neck”, “Lunch Money”, and “Space Is Very Big”. Denver based producer Matthew Philpott-Jones brings plenty of bass to the table in the EP, which is “packed to the brim with hollow basslines, dynamic frequencies, and behemoth drops”.

Past songs from DMVU have been heard on labels such as Dome Of Doom, Deep Dark & Dangerous, Circus Records, Deadbeats, Disciple, Quality Goods Records, and Kairos Audio.

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DMVU – The Chain EP Tracklist:

01. DMVU – Erythraeum (Original Mix)
02. DMVU – Harmonicc (Original Mix)
03. DMVU – Peach Smoothie (Original Mix)
04. DMVU – Pull (Original Mix)
05. DMVU – Bacc Up Quicc (Original Mix)
06. DMVU – Chain On My Neck (Original Mix)
07. DMVU – Lunch Money (Original Mix)
08. DMVU – Space Is Very Big (Original Mix)

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