KOWZ – Seven EP

On January 31, 2022 by ocedm

Starting off the year with a hard hitting seven track EP fittingly called “Seven” are the French duo KOWZ. Containing orchestral elements, cinematic vibes, and heavy bass, the impressive set is reminisce of Apashe and Black Tiger Sex Machine.

The EP consists of “Envy”, “Pride”, “Gluttony” with fellow Frenchman Daryl Di-Kar featuring New Jersey based Milano The Don, “Sloth”, “Wrath”, “Lust” with Daryl Di-Kar, and “Greed” with Daryl Di-Kar. The set from Florent Flauss and Edouard Hue, who launched the project in 2019, was put out on Atlanta based Intercession Records last week.

“The number 7 is present all around us in our daily lives and we are not always fully aware of it”, says KOWZ. “Symbolizing luck by excellence, the number “seven” finds many occurrences in the scientific, mathematical, astronomical, theological, geographical, sports or artistic fields. The number 7 is sometimes considered a “magic number” or even sacred.”

“The deadly sins are part of us, we can all recognize ourselves more or less in one of these 7 vices. One of the 7 sins stands out more than the others and they are also the cause and therefore the head of the other sins. Each of these sins taken to the extreme can lead to death and can allow all crimes to be committed. Each of these songs was created under the influence of specific moods and emotions. You will be able to travel through this album through the 7 deadly sins and identify the emotions you will feel on each of these songs.”

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KOWZ – Seven EP Tracklist:

01. KOWZ – Envy (Original Mix)
02. KOWZ – Pride (Original Mix)
03. KOWZ & Daryl Di-Kar – Gluttony ft. Milano the Don (Original Mix)
04. KOWZ – Sloth (Original Mix)
05. KOWZ – Wrath (Original Mix)
06. KOWZ & Daryl Di-Kar – Lust (Original Mix)
07. KOWZ & Daryl Di-Kar – Greed (Original Mix)

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