Wilkinson – Cognition (Album)

On February 14, 2022 by ocedm

We had an early glimpse of some of the songs that would be included in the third solo album from Wilkinson last year when he released “Frontline” in February and “Keep Dancing” with Amber Van Day in May. He had put out a couple of tracks from the drum and bass set since then before unveiling the entire “Cognition” album from his own record label in Sleepless Music last week. Whether it’s a chill song to kick back to or a dance floor heater, Londoner Mark Wilkinson has you covered!

The 13 track album includes “Keep Dancing” with Amber Van Day, “Here For You” with Becky Hill, his remix of “XTC” by Solardo and Eli Brown, “If You Want It”, “Used to This” with Issey Cross, “Release Valve”, “No One Else” withy Kanine and Clementine Douglas, and “Close Your Eyes” with iiola. Rounding out the rest of the album are “Feel So High” with SHELLS, “Frontline”, “On Your Mind” with Amber Van Day, “I Believe” with Sharlene Hector, and “Fade Away” with Jem Cooke and Pola & Bryson.

“Writing a 3rd album is actually pretty daunting,” said Wilkinson. “I really put everything into this record, took my time and made no compromises. I sincerely want to thank you all for the support, it really does mean the world to me and makes me feel confident in my art. Thank you to my team and everyone at the label who have worked so hard and given me the freedom to do my thing. A massive thank you to all the amazing artists and writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with on this album.”

Various songs from the album have been played on the BBC Radio 1 shows of Danny Howard, Annie Nightingale, Annie Mac, Rene LaVice, and Charlie Hedges, as well as by noted drum and bass artists such as Sub Focus, Culture Shock, Delta Heavy, Dimension, Friction, Matrix & Futurebound, Loadstar, A.M.C, Fred V, Grafix, Hybrid Minds, Krakota, Koven, and Bensley.

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Wilkinson – Cognition (Album) Tracklist:

01. Wilkinson & Amber Van Day – Keep Dancing (Original Mix)
02. Wilkinson & Becky Hill – Here For You (Original Mix)
03. Solardo & Eli Brown – XTC (Wilkinson Remix)
04. Wilkinson – If You Want It (Original Mix)
05. Wilkinson & Issey Cross – Used to This (Original Mix)
06. Wilkinson – Release Valve (Original Mix)
07. Wilkinson, Kanine, & Clementine Douglas – No One Else (Original Mix)
08. Wilkinson & Iiola – Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)
09. Wilkinson & Shells – Feel So High (Original Mix)
10. Wilkinson – Frontline (Original Mix)
11. Wilkinson & Amber Van Day – On Your Mind (Original Mix)
12. Wilkinson & Sharlene Hector – I Believe (Original Mix)
13. Wilkinson, Jem Cooke, & Pola & Bryson – Fade Away (Original Mix)

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