Whyel – Obey (Original Mix)

On May 23, 2022 by ocedm

If you need a song to wake up to in the morning, rage the night away, or to keep your heart rate up while on a run, Whyel has you covered in all three areas. His new punk rock and electronic fusion was recently released from Welcome Records, the imprint launched by Kayzo in 2018. The tune features electrifying guitar chords and pounding drums combined with Whyel’s own raucous vocals.

“I wrote this record to reflect on how I was seeing the world around me,” says Whyel. “There’s too many fake emotions, fake intentions, fake everything. I felt that nobody was being real and true to themselves anymore. I just wanted to write something that communicated my frustration for the inauthenticity of culture today. The energy behind the production and the raw emotion of the vocals is exactly how I was feeling at that time.”

The Los Angeles based artist played his new track during his Welcome Guest Mix 008 a few weeks ago, along with a handful of his own IDs.

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