Yoko – Beneath The High Sea (Album)

On December 26, 2022 by ocedm

Yoko released her debut album titled “Beneath The High Sea” earlier this month on Nutopia Records. If you’re looking for deeper frequencies of dubstep and bass, then stop right here and take a listen. Denver based DJ and producer Emi Veliz has crafted a haunting album that uses dark beats and ominous basslines with plenty of wubs and wobbles to go around.

“This album represents a sonic journey through the ocean’s greatest depths and the furthest depths of my mind,” says Yoko. “These 10 tracks take you on an evolution of adventures manifesting from the light, dark, and everything in between. This project was made to embody the hero’s journey and the transformations that arise, without omitting the full array of emotions that coincide.

The set consists of “Beneath The High Sea”, “Lower The Submarine”, “Davy Jones Locker”, “Mista Big” featuring Skinny Limbs, and “The Mariana Trench”. Also included are “Return to Atlantis” featuring Hooligan, JABBS, and MuteD DiagraM, “Shiho’s Seahorse”, “Edge of Death”, “Deadweight”, and “Resurface” featuring Rivibes.

Yoko also held an album release party at Temple in Denver on December 9 where she debuted the tracks, along with sets by Skinny Limbs, JABBS, MuteD DiagraM, and Blu.

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Yoko – Beneath The High Sea (Album) Tracklist:

01. Yoko – Beneath The High Sea (Original Mix)
02. Yoko – Lower The Submarine (Original Mix)
03. Yoko – Davy Jones Locker (Original Mix)
04. Yoko – Mista Big ft. Skinny Limbs (Original Mix)
05. Yoko – The Mariana Trench (Original Mix)
06. Yoko – Return to Atlantis ft. Hooligan, JABBS, and MuteD DiagraM (Original Mix)
07. Yoko – Shiho’s Seahorse (Original Mix)
08. Yoko – Edge of Death (Original Mix)
09. Yoko – Deadweight (Original Mix)
10. Yoko – Resurface ft. Rivibes (Original Mix)

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