SOHMI – Missin U (Original Mix)

On March 18, 2023 by ocedm

With her “Recital” EP set to be released in the spring, SOHMI has previously released two songs in “Only One” and “Somebody” from the set. The next track to be revealed by the Los Angeles based artist is a self-described minimal-pop-tech tune titled “Missin U” from her own imprint Permission and Thrive Music. The Korean-American DJ, producer, and vocalist, who is also a classically trained pianist and graduate of theater studies, uses captivating percussion combined with her own chopped vocals in her latest track.

“This is the closest moment to a ‘club record’ on the EP, with a bit more emphasis shined on the drums and groove than the vocals,” shares SOHMI. “I still wanted it to feel intimate and personal however, as every track of the EP is meant to feel sort of like a sonic page out of my diary. So the chopped up spoken words throughout the track were sampled from an actual voice message I left on my co-producer Sam’s phone. It’s not an overly complex track, and was meant to capture a simple, fleeting feeling; the rush of leaving a voice message or reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to – but have missed – for a long time.”

Early supporters of the tune include Ferreck Dawn, Danny Howard, and DJ S.K.T.

Other songs to take a listen to from Stephanie Oh, who grew up mostly in Hong Kong and Korea before graduating from Duke University, include “Time”, her “Closer” EP, and “Dip Into A Dream” with Lubelski.

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