Lawrence Lui – Formosa ft. Lucy 22 (Julio Victoria Remix)

On June 6, 2023 by ocedm

Lawrence Lui released his debut album titled “8 Songs” back in April, “a darkly cinematic 25 minute journey into grainy 70s soundtracks, lo-fi techno, space rock noise, slowcore lyricism and detuned IDM.” Julio Victoria now gets his hands on the ambient “Formosa” featuring Lucy 22 and gives it his techno twist. The Colombian artist uses the alluring vocals of the original with heart pounding basslines and spacey synths.

Julio Victoria has played in numerous clubs around the world, including Printworks in London, Contact in Tokyo, Concrete in Paris, Zukunft in Zurich, Jagger in Oslo, Larm in Budapest, Truth in Johannesburg, and Output in New York.

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