Charlotte de Witte – High Street (Remix EP with Amazingblaze & Astrix)

On October 4, 2023 by ocedm

Charlotte de Witte released her track called “High Street” back in April from her own record label KNTXT. The Belgian DJ and producer now calls on a newcomer and veteran to give their take on the hard hitting techno track. Amazingblaze put his signature hard trance touch on the song, while the psytrance style of Astrix takes it to another level with a bit of acid and hypnotic beats. Check out these videos of Charlotte de Witte playing the remixes live!

“After playing these tracks during my sets for months, I’m super excited to finally announce that the High Street Remixes EP will be out soon in collaboration with Astrix and Amazingblaze,” says Charlotte de Witte. “I’m very proud to have High Street remixed by some of the most talented artists out there. Amazingblaze touched High Street, put his signature sound all over it and turned it into gold. Astrix and I got connected after I played one of his tracks during my sets and we have stayed in touch to continue sharing music, albeit in another genre. Together, we’ve collided two completely different worlds and built a bridge that actually makes so much sense.”

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