ANTAGONÏZER – Omniviolence EP

On October 31, 2023 by ocedm

ANTAGONÏZER is the new project between Crywolf and AWAY who have just released their debut EP titled “Omniviolence”. Six originals full of menacing basslines, dark beats, and haunting lyrics are included in the set, which is perfect for a Halloween night. The enigmatic EP, which consists of “Wrath, I Am Thee”, “Bow Down”, “Static”, “Bloodsport”, “Terminus Est”, and “Lord of the Tetramorph”, was released through REZZ’s record label HypnoVizion, the imprint she founded last October.

“OMNIVIOLENCE is raw energy and instinct transformed into sound,” the Los Angeles based duo share with listeners of the songs. “Living in the most abyssal recesses of the mind, this EP isn’t just music — it’s an exploration, a confrontation with the primal drives we often bury. Each track delves into the raw chaos and brutal truths that punctuate our existence. With OMNIVIOLENCE, we embrace the tempest within, unapologetically and unfiltered.”

Justin Taylor Phillips and Dan Alm previously collaborated on a few tracks over the past few years such as “Ghostbox” and “Parasite” with Roniit before deciding to officially start ANTAGONÏZER.

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ANTAGONÏZER – Omniviolence EP:

01. ANTAGONÏZER – Wrath, I Am Thee (Original Mix)
02. ANTAGONÏZER – Bow Down (Original Mix)
03. ANTAGONÏZER – Static (Original Mix)
04. ANTAGONÏZER – Bloodsport (Original Mix)
05. ANTAGONÏZER – Terminus Est (Original Mix)
06. ANTAGONÏZER – Lord of the Tetramorph (Original Mix)

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