Dunes of Dawn – Rendezvous EP

On April 13, 2024 by ocedm

Dunes of Dawn made their debut on In / Rotation in February with the release of “Dimension” with Dilon Karim. The guys have now released an EP called “Rendezvous” which includes the title track with RIIJA, “Synergy” with Redraft Memories, and the previously released song. The energetic techno EP was released on the record label under Los Angeles based Insomniac Music Group that was started in 2017.

Arizona based Tanner Dixon and Yianni Papagiannopoulos have been behind tunes such as “Hexes”, “Instinct”, and a remix of “Hey Now” by London Grammar.

Chicago based Viktorija Vasiljeva has been heard on “Rendezvous” with Mileage, “Playing Dead”, and “Wasted Love”.

Previous songs from Mexico City native Ricardo Medina have been released on record labels like Music Over Matter, Quanticman Records, and Ushuaia Music.

Arizona based Dilon Karim has played alongside the likes of Ben Sterling and ChaseWest, Ranger Trucco, and Yolanda Be Cool.

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Dunes of Dawn – Rendezvous EP Tracklist:

01. Dunes of Dawn & RIIJA – Rendezvous (Original Mix)
02. Dunes of Dawn & Redraft Memories – Synergy (Original Mix)
03. Dunes of Dawn & Dilon Karim- Dimension (Original Mix)

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