BT & Shingo Nakamura – Lifeforce (Extended Mix)

On April 16, 2024 by ocedm

Joining forces for the first time are BT and Shingo Nakamura on a melodic house tune called “Lifeforce”. The Los Angeles based artist and Japanese DJ and producer have crafted a track with celestial soundscapes and ethereal melodies combined with BT’s signature stutter edits. The single was released through Monstercat Silk, which is a sublabel of Canadian imprint Monstercat.

BT says that “As someone that is obsessed with words (I literally collect them – especially those from other cultures with tremendous specificity) – I was thrilled to talk with Shingo when he visited about some specifically Japanese concepts. We covered everything from Kintsugi to Forest Bathing and of course, Ikigai. When we discussed this concept – I knew somehow it would inform the track name we were working on. That is how we came up with the title.”

“When I visited BT’s house for studio work, we talked about “Lifeforce” (Ikigai),” shares Shingo Nakamura. “We tried to describe the beauty and strength of life. Composing music is “Lifeforce” (Ikigai) for me, and it all started when I came across BT’s music. What is “Lifeforce” for you? I would be happy if the song could be an opportunity for you to think about it.”

Grammy nominated music producer, composer, technologist, multi instrumentalist, and songwriter Brian Transeau released his 13th studio album in “The Lost Art of Longing” in 2020, which was one of my favorite albums of the year. Last year, he released “The Secret Language of Trees” from Monstercat Silk as well.

Shingo Nakamura, who is from Ibaraki and now based in Tokyo, has been a familair face on Monstercat over the past year with songs like “Prism”, “Golden Leaves”, and “Wherever You Go”.

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