Need to find out the latest song released by your favorite producer? Want to discover a track by an up and coming producer? How about figuring out which shows to go to in Southern California? OC EDM has you covered, posting only the best from producers you know and from those you might not know…but may soon become your favorite!

OC EDM is based in Orange County, California, a major hotbed for all things EDM related. With numerous clubs and venues stretching from Los Angeles to Orange County to San Diego, there’s always an event going on playing your favorite music. Add in the various amounts of producers who call Southern California home and you have an area that’s great for inspiring new sounds.

If you have a track you would like featured on the website, please use the “Contact” form and include your name (and DJ/producer name), your DJ/producer Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud links, a streamable version of the track itself, purchase links, and any other information that would give me the ability to do an article about you.

If you’re publicizing an event taking place around Southern California, please use the “Contact” form and include the event name, date, location, lineup, ticket information, and anything else you think is important for me to know.

Keep checking back every day for sweet tracks and awesome shows!

Thanks for taking a look!

~ Andrew

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