05. 22. 2022

Systembreaker – Kontrol U (Extended Mix)

Systembreaker has joined Scotland based Outburst Records for the second time this year with a hard and heavy trance tune in “Kontrol U”. The latest intense tech trance single from Alex Bailey will...

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05. 12. 2022

ALRT – Origin (Album)

Consider my mind blown when I found out last month that ALRT is part of the psytrance duo Coming Soon!!!. In 2018, Tel Aviv born Irad Brant started his ALRT project and caught...

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05. 11. 2022

Poni x Nikademis – Syzygy (Original Mix)

There were two things that came to my mind when I first heard “Syzygy” by Poni and Nikademis. The first was “I’d like to buy a vowel” (from Wheel of Fortune), and the...

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03. 28. 2022

The Darkraver & DJ Vince – Thunderground (KELTEK Remix)

Dutch hardstyle artist Sven Sieperda was previously part of the Psyko Punkz duo from 2008 to 2016 before deciding to step away from the project. Back in 2014, I wrote about their bootleg...

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02. 20. 2022

NIMDA – Baddest (Original Mix)

This next tune from NIMDA would make quite the alarm clock wake up track, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. The United Kingdom native’s heavy hitter titled “Baddest” features monstrous basslines, metallic...

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02. 05. 2022

MUZANA – Switch (Original Mix)

With just a handful of releases to his name over the past two years since his start, MUZANA has already shown his range of production skills. The Arizona based artist builds off of...

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01. 31. 2022

KOWZ – Seven EP

Starting off the year with a hard hitting seven track EP fittingly called “Seven” are the French duo KOWZ. Containing orchestral elements, cinematic vibes, and heavy bass, the impressive set is reminisce of...

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01. 11. 2022

Klaus Kaz – Redemption (Extended Mix)

Four months ago, Klaus Kaz collaborated with Will Atkinson on “Hard_Vox_Tekk_” which has seen major support from the likes of Armin van Buuren, Andrew Rayel, and Kutski. The Sydney based artist now makes...

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01. 10. 2022

Dead X – C THRU (Original Mix)

With two weeks to spare before the end of 2021, Dead X made his raucous debut with “C THRU”. The rawstyle track from Trevor Wilson uses head banging reverse bass and distorted kicks...

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12. 02. 2021

Kronos – Smash The Speakers (Original Mix)

Scantraxx BLACK says that it aims to represent “the ‘dark side’ of Scantraxx. Home of the raw and hardcore!”, and the latest release from Kronos exemplifies just that. The Italian DJ and producer’s...

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09. 23. 2021

D-Block & S-te-Fan – Fearless (Original Mix)

D-Block & S-te-Fan have been on a roll this year and keep their hot steak alive with the release of their next single titled “Fearless”. The Dutch duo, who have been together for...

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08. 17. 2021

Phyric – I Believed In You (Original Mix)

When Phyric’s latest song called “I Believed In You” was released, he asked his fans to “Stream it as loud as you can and share it with all your friends, family, dogs, chickens...

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