12. 05. 2018

Tweekacore & Darren Styles – Crash & Burn ft. Giin (Original Mix)

Tweekacore and Darren Styles have teamed up for a high octane tune called “Crash & Burn” featuring Giin. The psytrance/hardstyle fusion was released on their record label Electric Fox, a sublabel of Dirty...

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08. 13. 2018

Joint Operations Centre ft. Kate Miles – Behind The Silence (Original Mix)

Joint Operations Centre has released a dark and ominous trance tune titled “Behind The Silence” featuring Kate Miles from Subculture. While the name might not sound familiar to everyone, it’s the alias of...

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08. 06. 2018

Knife Party + Pegboard Nerds – Harpoon (Original Mix)

Knife Party have released their first track in quite some time in “Harpoon”, a collaboration with Pegboard Nerds. The energetic electro house tune was part of Pegboard Nerds “Full Hearts” EP which was...

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05. 27. 2018

Darren Styles – Switch (Original Mix)

“Switch” by Darren Styles might be a familiar track that EDC Las Vegas attendees remember hearing at the three day festival last weekend. The thumping tune was a staple at stages like Wasteland,...

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07. 11. 2017

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Dunisco Remix) [Free Download]

When you take on a Beastie Boys song for a remix, you better do it justice. Dunisco keeps the distinctive chorus of the 1998 track, but gives it an upbeat house groove with...

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02. 16. 2016

Jerry Folk x ELOQ – You Know (Original Mix) [Free Download]

After a meet up in Los Angeles, “You Know” was the result of Jerry Folk and ELOQ’s get together in the studio. The two guys paired up for a trap/future bass inspired track...

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06. 10. 2015

Calyx & TeeBee – Long Gone (Original Mix)

Calyx & Teebee are a drum and bass duo that have been performing both as a pair and as individuals for quite some time now. Calyx (Larry Cons of England) and Teebee (Torgeir Byrknes...

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02. 28. 2015

Synergy – Synergy EP

Synergy is the long distance partnership between Mitra Xyde of Norway and Moritz Breit of Germany. Although 13.5 hours and 845 miles separate the two, this did not stop them from releasing their self titled...

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05. 24. 2014

Solarex & Oorora – Clockwork (Original Mix)

Solarex and Oorora’s new glitch hop track titled “Clockwork” is out now on Audiophile Live. Solarex, also known as Jacques Deaver, is from the Washington, D.C. area, whose past productions range from moombahton to...

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03. 03. 2014

Da Tweekaz ft. MC V – Zero Fucks Given (Original Mix)

I’m not sure, but there might be “Zero Fucks Given” in Da Tweekaz and MC V’s new hardstyle track that was released this past weekend. The Norwegian duo of Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli...

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11. 17. 2013

Fingerling – Fat Finger (Original Mix)

Fingerling is a DJ/producer from Norway with a new single out now called “Fat Finger”. What the viking with the teal beard has to do with the track, I don’t know, but I’m...

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06. 03. 2013

Chimeric – Metronome (Original Mix)

Chimeric is a 19 year old producer out of Norway. His recent release on Tasty Records is called “Metronome” and is a heavy dubstep banger that goes pretty hard. Marius Berthelsen burst out of...

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