05. 03. 2022

Parov Stelar – Moonlight Love Affair (Album)

Electro swing kingpin Parov Stela has released his latest album called “Moonlight Love Affair”. The 13 track set features a variety of instruments such as piano, trumpet, percussion, and harmonica, as well as...

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04. 22. 2016

Coachella 2016 Weekend 2 Live Stream

The second weekend of Coachella is upon us which means it’s time for the live stream. Rather than follow the same schedule as last weekend’s broadcast of three channels with a variety of...

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04. 15. 2016

Coachella 2016 Live Stream

Coachella 2016 is here and the live stream is already kickin’! Check out the links below for three channels that will be live streaming various sets throughout the weekend. *Check out the Coachella...

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01. 05. 2016

2016 Coachella Lineup

*Watch the live stream here!* *Check out the Coachella 2016 Weekend 2 Live Stream* Yesterday, music fans were surprised with the lineup announcement for Coachella this year after months of speculation. The 17th edition of...

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10. 22. 2015

Caravan Palace – Robot (Album)

Earlier this year, noted electro swing artist Parov Stelar released his album “Demon Diaries“. Hot on his tracks is the famed French band Caravan Palace with their own album playfully titled “<I°_°I>”. The...

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05. 04. 2015

Parov Stelar – The Demon Diaries (Album)

Electro swing is a relatively underrated genre in my humble opinion, so I was excited for Parov Stelar’s latest album “The Demon Diaries”, featuring some exceptionally talented vocalists such as Angela McCluskey, Anna...

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04. 03. 2014

Jamie Berry ft. Rosie Harte – Peeping Tom (Original Mix)

Taking it back a bit (since it is Throwback Thursday) to some old school sounds with an electro swing tune from Jamie Berry called “Peeping Tom”, featuring Rosie Harte. With Caravan Palace and...

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05. 28. 2013

Parov Stelar – All Night (UMEK Remix)

If you’re feeling little down that Memorial Day Weekend is over and you had to go back to work today, have no fear…UMEK is here! His new remix of Parov Stelar’s “All Night”...

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