12. 02. 2018

Bingo Players & Bali Bandits – Body Rock (Original Mix)

Bingo Players has always had a knack for creating catchy dance tunes, and his latest collaboration with Bali Bandits is no different. “Body Rock” is a disco inspired track with funky basslines and...

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08. 14. 2017

Bingo Players – Beat The Drum (Original Mix)

Bingo Players invites you to “Beat The Drum”, the latest tune to be released from Hysteria Records. Maarten Hoogstraten creates a perfect club song with plenty of bounce and funky basslines to go...

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01. 16. 2016

Bingo Players – January 20 (Yost Theater, Santa Ana)

Bingo Players will be back in Orange County this Wednesday, January 20th at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, through Insomniac. Maarten Hoogstraten has been carrying on the Bingo Players name tremendously well since the...

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