09. 09. 2020

Pigeon Hole – Bugs EP

Pigeon Hole have released their new EP titled “Bugs” on Liquid Stranger’s record label Wakaan. The four track set consists of “Skeleton”, “Bugs”, “Hackles”, and “Worldwide”. Colin McCue and Lee Napthine of Victoria,...

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08. 31. 2018

Pigeon Hole – Noise Parade EP [Free Download]

When you listen to Pigeon Hole’s EP “Noise Parade”, it makes sense that it was released on a record label called Outer Realms. It makes even more sense that it’s the label ran by...

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10. 19. 2016

Stylust Beats – Bandana EP [Free Download]

Stylust Beats blends the best of trap and dubstep together in his new EP titled “Bandana”, released from his own Sleeveless Records. I first heard of Geoff Reich when he collaborated with Bassnectar for a...

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