09. 29. 2017

Dirty Audio & Carbin – Mob ft. iE-z (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Dirty Audio is a producer I’ve been getting into lately, with tracks like “Alien Cookies“, “Down Under” with Jupe, and “Roller Coaster” with Max Styler catching my attention this year. This time around,...

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11. 10. 2015

Electric Mantis – The One (Original Mix) [Free Download]

The latest track to come from Electric Mantis is called “The One” and is available now to download for free. The downtempo song has a bit of a hip hop/future beats feel to...

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03. 29. 2014

Deafmind – Drop It Low (Original Mix) [Download]

Deafmind is composed of two producers from Portland, Oregon, who go by the names of MyMind and HalfDeaf. Their new single called “Drop It Low” invites you to do just that. Some sweet...

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12. 25. 2013

Electric Mantis – Gymnopedie + POS (Beat) [Free Download]

Electric Mantis is a name you definitely want to keep on the look out for as we go in to the new year. About a month ago, I posted about his amazing track...

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11. 27. 2013

Electric Mantis – Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops [Free Download]

The internet has been a monumental force in helping unknown artists be recognized and be brought to the masses. Just a few days ago, Electric Mantis was just a 20 year old producer...

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