07. 31. 2022

Manila Killa – Dusk (Album)

Over the past few months, Manila Killa has released a few songs from his debut album titled “Dusk”, including “Dark Places” featuring Kwesi. The 12 track set was recently put out on Moving...

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03. 17. 2021

Au5 & HALIENE – Was It You (Original Mix)

Returning once again to Enhanced Music is Au5 with HALIENE for a new track called “Was It You”. The trance and melodic bass fusion marks the first time that New Jersey native Austin...

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03. 04. 2021

Subshock & Evangelos – Want U EP

Subshock & Evangelos bring some house vibes and drum and bass beats in their latest two song EP titled “Want U”. The first track in “Don’t Wanna” uses bass house tones with crisp...

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10. 06. 2019

A.M.C – Energy (Album)

Since the beginning of this year, A.M.C has been releasing a few tunes that would be on his debut album titled “Energy”. And what a name to choose, as all ten tracks (and...

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03. 31. 2016

Malaa – Notorious (Crankdat Remix) [Free Download]

Crankdat just keeps cranking out top notch VIPs and remixes all over the place (see: VIP of Carnage and Breaux’s remix of “The End” by Eptic). His latest remix is that of Malaa’s “Notorious”,...

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02. 15. 2016

Eptic – The End (Carnage & Breaux Remix) (Crankdat VIP) [Free Download]

This VIP from Crankdat of Carnage and Breaux’s remix of “The End” by Eptic is just what I needed today. Add in the fact that it’s available for free to download and it’s icing...

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