12. 04. 2018

Minnesota – Curio (Remix Album) [Free Download]

Earlier this year, Minnesota released a striking bass heavy EP titled “Curio” on Liquid Stranger’s record label Wakaan. Berkeley based DJ and producer Christian Bauhofer has now put out a stunning remix package featuring the...

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11. 30. 2018

AFK & Carbin – Boss ft. Cody Ray (Dirt Monkey Remix)

AFK and Carbin’s “Boss” was originally released last November, and this month the guys put out a handful of remixes from some very talented artists. The one that immediately caught my attention was...

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07. 29. 2018

Caspa – Mix 4.0 (40 Minute Mix)

If you want to explore the depths of dubstep, look no further than Caspa’s latest Mix 4.0, which has 23 brain rattling and jaw dropping tunes. His outstanding series of mixes have previously included...

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12. 11. 2013

Indo – Bass Jump [Free Download]

Los Angeles based producer Indo has already accomplished big things in his short career. He won Insomniac’s Discovery Project contest in 2012 for Nocturnal Wonderland and played at the festival the past two...

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06. 03. 2013

Chimeric – Metronome (Original Mix)

Chimeric is a 19 year old producer out of Norway. His recent release on Tasty Records is called “Metronome” and is a heavy dubstep banger that goes pretty hard. Marius Berthelsen burst out of...

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04. 16. 2013

Diamond Pistols & Inf1n1te – Invaders (Original Mix) [Free Download]

It’s a good thing Diamond Pistols and Inf1n1te have our best interest at heart. In case we have “Invaders” from another planet, they made this track so that we could communicate with them. Diamond...

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03. 20. 2013

Trolley Snatcha – Sound Champion ft. MC Juiceman (Original Mix) [Free Download]

What do you do if you have a tune you haven’t finished for over a year? Well, if you’re Trolley Snatcha, you give it away for free. That’s what he did with a...

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02. 25. 2013

Above & Beyond – Sun & Moon ft. Richard Bedford (Eric Farias Remix) [Free Download]

If you take on trance titans Above & Beyond’s “Sun & Moon”, it better be put together quite well. Eric Farias transforms the original track in to a dubstep sensation. The Brazilian keeps...

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